Toplas Recommendations

Site Speed Optimization Needed

A slow site and or having scripting errors i.e. Javascript, CSS bogging the site down as well as poor image compression will cause the site to have a High Bounce Rate (Google Tracks time Spent On A Site – If They Bounce Out Because Of Speed Your Ranking Gets Penalized)

This Score Should Be In The High 80’s at minimum. This affects your rankings drastically.

SEO Audit

On-page SEO, or on-site SEO, is the process of optimizing various front-end and back-end components of your website so that it ranks in search engines and brings in new traffic. On-page SEO components include content elements, site architecture elements, and HTML elements.

On-Page SEO

  • Conduct an SEO audit and define your site architecture.
  • Update URLs,
    • page titles
    • meta descriptions.
    • Header Titles
    • IMAGE Tagging
  • Make sure your keyword is in your URL Permalinks.
  • Make Sure We Include your keyword throughout your page.
  • Track keywords and topics for each page.
  • Make Sure We Are Not Viewed for Keyword Stuffing.
  • Establish value propositions for each page.
  • Plan new page titles.
  • Add new meta descriptions.
  • Review and edit page content as needed.
  • Incorporate visual content.
  • Optimize your visual content. Compress Images Correctly
  • Add internal links and optimize the current linking structure.
  • Add external linking.
  • Optimize for sales conversions.

Local Citations Need Repair

Citations are mentions of your Name/URL/Address/Phone# all have to match EXACTLY the same across the web in order to get credit from Google.

Fee’s Below

Recommendations for Retainer

Site Speed and Organic SEO Repair as well as Help For Whatever is needed on Site i.e. Connecting the Credit Card Processing etc… 

  • Repair All Site Speed Issues
  • Repair Bounce Rate
  • SEO work – See Above ^
  • Huge Round of Highest Value Keywords for Ranking Research
  • Drill Down Competitor’s Keywords Reverse Engineer Competitions Methods to Out-Rank Them 
  • Repair All Seo Errors and Optimize For Rankings
  • Get Google Approved
  • Repair All Business Citations
  • Google My Business (GMB) Optimization
  • Backlinks (Remove Bad Neighborhood Backlinks and replace with High-Quality Links) Forum Links, Social Links, etc…
  • Full Reporting…

Retainer FEE TO Repair Everything = $3,500

Food For Thought. I know you get stupid messages for lug nuts and that type of stuff but my way works amazing for high-ticket items.

Just recommendations from experience.  Spoke to JC Cahill last night and he knows you guys. He say to feel free to let you know about the services I worked on with him with NEATR.

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