Videos Ad Campaigns are Specialized in driving targeted traffic, leads, bookings, and sales via all main

Social Platforms. For Example-  Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Google Ads, Youtube, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, Native Ads seen on all major syndicated news and industry sites.

We will review the goals of the campaign and make our recommendations.

How It All Works

All videos will be available across all social platforms as well as optimized for Mobile

Fees For a Single Video With Voice Over

(Completed Video Provided by Client or Additional Time For Custom Video Editing and Adding Music)

What’s the Video Ad Length?

  • 60 sec approx 125 – 135 Depending on Pace $280

One Video Example 60 Seconds

Here we will discuss the Nature and Goal of the Ad i.e. Bookings, Sales, Leads, Top of Mind Advertising Etc….

    1. Go over talking points for Video Voice Over.
    2. Do you have access to the raw video? We have the ability to make video slide shows and videos using Royalty-free Images and Video. The client would allow a budget for us to work within – Custom Quotes
    3. Do you have a script?

Example Below –

  • The client provided the video below (60 Seconds) I can also create one using stock video and images…
  • Video Set up
  • Created Script
  • Voice Over was created and added to the video
  • Sent to Client for approval
  • Total cost with Voice Over Video – $400 60 Second Voice Over $280 Total = $680
  • Example:

This is just for video voice over, this will need to be placed into a targeted ad campaign. We can discuss deployment to achieve desired goals.

A Few Examples:

Some other Examples