Upull: has 2500 facebook followers, IG nonexistent

  • Primary goal: Buy more end of life vehicles, increase purchasing by 10x.
      • Please See Below For a Quick Demo
  • Secondary goal: Generate more yard visits to boost counter sales.
      • Please See Below For a Quick Demo
  • Method: Target facebook advertising and some google advertising, ~70% of effort towards buying vehicles
      • I would Highly Recommend starting with just Facebook Marketplace Leads. Cost Per Click and Leads are so much more bang for your buck and you get to use Display Ads to Grab attention versus hoping they are searching Google for that service.

Shaws: has 250 facebook followers, nonexistent IG

  • Primary goal: Generate more sales leads
      • Please see below for direct used parts traffic leads
  • Method: Target mainly Google advertising while (I) work to build facebook brand
      • Like above I really feel you are going to get better and more results using my method for Marketplace leads.
-> Budget: needs to stay in the $1000 a month range. ReEvaluate and adjust up or down after 3 months
We can do all these campaigns with no problems. The only thing is $1,000 a month split up between them all is going to limit us. If that’s all you can do I will make it happen but Typically for this I would recommend 2,500 but even if you were able to up the spend some and bring it to 1,500 would give us a lot more to work with.
Just recommendations from experience.  Spoke to JC Cahill last night and he knows you guys. He say to feel free to give him a call to ask about the services I worked on with him.
You are in the Driver’s seat :O)

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