Search Box Optimization (SBO): What it is; Who it’s For & How it Works to Get Endless Leads, Phone calls, & Traffic to Your Business Fast!

Search Box Optimization (SBO) is the process of positioning your brand or business in the drop down lists of the most ubiquitous of search boxes! Yes, imagine being ‘suggested’ by Google’s all-powerful search engine during a potential clients search query. This could be an absolute game changer for any small or medium business looking to attract more leads, phone calls, walk-in traffic and clients.

An interesting statistic from Google is that 75% of search users choose their answers from the selection offered by Googles autocomplete feature because and these answers helps users save as much as 25% of the time they would has otherwise spent had they completed their search queries on their own.

Video Demo – Google Bing Attorney Example


A complete explanation of exactly what SBO is.

So What is Autocomplete?
Autocomplete suggests keyword categories, places, products, services, and what is trending to search users as soon as they begin to type in a search engines search box.

Google defines Autocomplete as “a feature for predicting the rest of a query a user is typing, which can improve the user search experience…. It can also improve the search response quality and thus create higher revenue by providing well-formatted queries.”
The autocomplete appears to effectively complete a user’s thoughts by finding the “right” keyword before they actually finish typing and this has proven to be extremely helpful for example in helping to prevent typing errors, especially for hard-to-spell search terms; and in saving users time.

We can talk multiple keywords – it’s a lot of work but you cant beat it! Say goodbye to Google Adspend!!!!!!!!!!