Case Study Below From NEATR Used Auto Parts (Now FENIX Auto Parts)

I kept this brief and to the point, If you speak to J.C. at NEATR he will tell you I seriously moved the needle for them with Marketplace ads! I would love the opportunity to pick do the same for you…

Please see below for a quick overview of a NEATR case study. There are a bunch more but to save you time and to get you some quick info on how we worked everything see below.

I create everything, the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/Videos/Images/Page Buildouts Etc.… All I need is the email addresses you want the leads sent to.

NEATR (New England Auto Truck Recyclers)

We are running:

  • We Buy Junk Vehicles “Cash For Cars”
  • Used Auto Parts Request
  • Big Ticket Items i.e. Engines, Trannys, Transfer cases, Drivetrain Parts etc…
  • Scrap Metal

Case Study –

The info i.e. Name/Number/Email/Make/Model/Parts Needed gets sent to any dept you’d like.

NEATR took the direct LIVE leads and called, emailed, and emailed them with a quote.

These are LIVE targeted leads requesting availability on parts. (not cold calling)

Plus we ran direct targeted traffic ads that were getting on average 1500 Unique Clicks a day.

Also took the leads and sent a bi-monthly email blast that had an average of a 38.6% open rate!


call/text – 603-401-9923