Social Media Marketing

Hi Barry, it was great chatting with you the other, day you’re a riot lol and you missed your calling 😊 But looking everything over I have a few recommendations for you that are “Outside the Box” Personally I see a lot of Firms following the same old procedures and routines when it comes to Social and SEO, there old and outdated.

Looking over your SEO your team is doing a great job.

Here’s what I like to do with Social Platforms (Facebook & Instagram) I run a system called the OMNIPRESENT campaign.  

This is what I did for Jim Glaser the reach and impressions month after month just kept snowballing. More calls, Form Fills, and Emails

The OMNIPRESENT Structure is a completely New System for Local Mass Exposure. I am using the copy in the ads and images to convert 4 Points of Contact:

  • A Click to Call Button for Direct Calls– Alerts sent via email.
  • A Direct Traffic Objective (a separate ad set) directed to your Homepage page and or any page we choose.
  • Text – Alerts sent to you via email (I take care of that for you)
  • Emails

Main Goals:

MASSIVE EXPOSURE! About 100 x’s the Reach and Impressions over Typical Campaign (This is what I have been using for all my clients and it works amazing)

  • Drive More Phone Calls for Consultations etc.
  • Send Targeted Traffic to Your Intake page
  • Build Local Awareness About Your Services. Each Ad Will Have the Ability To Call – Text – Visit your site or Contact page.
  • Top of Mind! Your Radius Will be Constantly seeing about 12 Different ads in Ration Every Day!
  • We will be doing this via Facebook and Instagram using The OMNIPRESENT Structure.

90% of users are on their Mobile Device that’s why Click to Call Campaigns under the Awareness and Engagement Campaigns are where it’s at.

My Strategic Partner and I created this. Been in trenches with him for a long time… He is across the pond, he’s a great friend.

OMNI for Branding/Engagement/Traffic/Top of Mind

I put this together really quickly for you with a few Budget Options.  These campaigns will run in the FB and Instagrams News Feeds, Reels, Stories, and Search Results.

With the correct Local Targeting, The Omnipresent Campaign is a strategy for your Facebook/Instagram campaign designed to get your ads in front of your targeted audience more often and develops a relationship between your business and your local clients.

With Omni –Facebook/Instagram campaigns will know who you are and the services you provide. The audience sees different ads every day to avoid ad blindness and build authority.

Just with Your Name alone, this will just reinforce your brand. Plus, you will be cutting edge with this campaign. OMNI is so new to FB/IG

I Create 10 – 12 different ad sets and give each one a frequency cap of one impression every five days. We want an ad of yours to be shown to your audience twice a day every day and we want to make sure that your audience is shown different ads each time so that they don’t get bored of them.

That’s what this campaign structure is allowing me to do, Create Separate Ad Campaigns, 10 ad sets, and 2 ads for each ad set, and each one can only be shown to your audience once every five days which means your audience should see two different ads each day on a five-day rolling cycle.


With an omnipresent content campaign, you want your ads to tick a number of boxes and achieve different things there are four categories of ads I need to create:

  • Traffic ads
  • Awareness ads
  • Engagement ads
  • Exposure ads
  • Top of Mind ads

Service Ad Campaigns, this campaign will deliver ads that I create detailing your business and what services you handle, etc… Including all Your company’s Info – Phone – Text – Website, etc…

The Reach Ads (also known as Top of Mind) will deliver different ads to your targeted audience that I create 2 times a week.  Including all Your company’s Info – Phone – Text – Website, etc.

Engagement Ads Campaign will allow your audience to Like, Comment, Share, and Follow Your ads, posts, and your main FB/IG page. Including all Your company’s Info – Phone – Text – Website, etc.

The omnipresent content campaign is designed to develop a Relationship and Trust.


Basic Targeted Omnipresent and Traffic Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $-1997– 30 days (All Inclusive)

  • OMNI Ad Account Setup
  • Costs Include all Ad Spend (80% will go to ad spend – 20% will cover my fee)
  • Target Your Demographic etc…
  • Omni Campaign Creation (Lots of hours to create but the results are AWESOME!)
  • I Create All Ad Creatives
  • Video Slide Show Ads (Side note -my wife does professional Voice Overs if ever interested –
  • Carousel Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Targeted Local Traffic Campaign For Apts, Texts, Calls, Website Traffic, etc…
  • Separate Engagement Campaign
  • Reach (Top Of Mind) Campaign
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Full Monthly Reporting on Performance
  1. > Increased Reach Targeted Omnipresent and Traffic Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $-2,750 – 30 days (All Inclusive)
  1. > Aggressive  Reach –  Targeted Omnipresent and Traffic Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $-3,800 – 30 days (All Inclusive)

This Approach Is a New and Better System