With correct National targeting, The Omnipresent Campaign is a longer powerful strategy for your Facebook/Instagram campaign designed to get your ads in front of your targeted audience more often and develops a relationship between your business and your ideal customers.

With Omni –

They will know who you are and the services you provide. The audience sees different ads every day to avoid ad blindness.

Create 10 different ad sets and give each one a frequency cap of one impression every five days. We want an ad of DAL to be shown to your audience twice a day every day and we want to make sure that your audience is shown different ads each time so that they don’t get bored of them.

That’s what this campaign structure is allowing us to do, 10 ad sets, 10 ads and each one can only be shown to your audience once every five days which means your audience will see two different ads, each day, every five days.

In the omnipresent content campaign, you want your ads to tick a number of boxes and achieve different things there are four categories of ads you need to create value ads, demonstration ads, client testimonial ads, and call to action ads i.e. Transactional Leads + Added as a Member to DAL.

  • 1 Impression every 5 days – rotation
  • 10 ad sets with a frequency cap 1 -ad every 5 days (rotation) they see 2 ads every day in a 5-day rotation.
  • 10 ads

  1. Value Ads – Link to a blog post / Facebook Post I Create
  2. Demonstration ads -Videos on how your service works (I can create a video slide show if needed)
  3. Testimonial ad
  4. Call to action ads – Direct Targeted Leads,  Calls, Traffic, etc…

The omnipresent content campaign is designed to develop a relationship between you and your prospects, that process takes time, the longer you run an omnipresent content campaign the better your results will be. “The Snowball Effect”

>> UNLIMITED Reach Omnipresent Content Campaign $6,550 – 30 days

  • $4,500 in Adspend
  • Setup (included)
  • Research Niche/Target Demo/Areas etc…
  • Omni Campaign Creation
  • Targeted Campaign Creation
  • 20 Ad Sets – More as needed
  • 30 Creatives Image/Video
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting