The Lowest Retainer that covers everything phase 1…

Original Quote:

With Linkedin Ads being about 2x’s the FB adspend I can set you up for $2,550 –

$2,000 Will be for adspend the rest is for my labor/setup/creatives/optimization etc…

Looks like we are going to need a retainer – so I charge$100 an hour.

(Phase one)I would recommend stamping me down for everything you need (video -pages-editing etc…)+Plus Including Ad spend for your Campaign

-40 hours – $4,000 I will knock off $500 so =”s $3500

  • Linkedin Image Ads
  • Linkedin Video Ads
  • Linkedin Text Ads
  • Videos
  • Editing
  • Page Build outs – WordPress – Hosting set up etc…
  • Design Pages
  • Linkedin Social Campaign (top of mind ads to compete with competitor)
  • Top Of Mind and Branding Campaign
  • Direct Targeted Leads Campaign
  • I will do weekly email campaigns to all leads to remind them to follow up 🙂

Targeting –

I will target all Major Players and Decision Makers – Some CEO’s, but they typically don’t respond so I like to Target Senior CFO’s for Large Companies to start off and track performance.

Set Up a Separate Linkedin Campaign Page

I do this because I have full control over adspend and creatives and not to affect your business Account.

Linkedin Lead and Traffic Ads –

For Direct Targeted Lead Ads as we as Traffic ads.

Example Of My Linkedin Backend

There is a Character limit with Linkedin ads so we have limited room unlike FB so I will get creative on both the Text as well as the Image and Video Ads.

Linkedin Ad Placements

Here is a Sample Video Ad I am currently running.

Video That plays in the above video ad – JUST FOR DEMO PURPOSES…

Just Some Other Demo Ads I am Running… 3rd Party Adobe Sales


We can redo this video and make a killer version.

I did a lot of research on industries close to yours for prelim data. None of them know what they are doing 🙂



Please feel free to Call/Text me with your Questions – at 603-401-9923

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