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Linkedin Marketing Recommendations for MPOWER

— > Linkedin Lead Generation for B2B Targeting Real Estate Investors, Decision Makers, Managers, etc……

Main Goals:

Use: Linkedin to capture Targeted Leads and Deliver Them Immediately. Name, Phone, Email.

Sample Ad Demo Only on the function

There Will Be About 15 ADS in rotation)

I use a technique called “Ad Stacking” It’s when all the campaign objectives work in Sync to promote each other.

  • Lead Capturing
  • Top of Mind Branding
  • Engagement Ads

Ad Placements


  • Drill down the data, I would like to drill down even further. (the more we target correctly, the better the impressions, as well as it lowers the CPC) – Better ROI
  • Focus on TARGETED Leads for Real Estate Investors etc… (Will want to research further)
  • For Lead Ad Campaigns, Leads are Captured by Linkedin’s Instaform.
  • All ads are (pixeled/tracking coded) for LOOKALIKE audiences as well as RETARGETING
  • Constantly adjust the ad copy and creatives i.e. slide shows/videos/images/Carousel ads etc… for the best performance
  • Can instantly ZAP Info/Leads to any Email/CRM/SMS Message
  • Email Campaign (Newsletter) Bi-Monthly to people that have sent in a lead for more info and have not taken action
  • Benchmark best-performing ads and add new creatives throughout the week. (A/B Split Testing)
  • Top of mind branding ad campaign (pixeled)


Linkedin Lead Generation –¬†

  • TARGETED Sales
  • Leads
  • Top of Mind Branding
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Traffic
  • Ad Engagement¬†
  • Install Tracking Pixel
  • Full Reports

Linkedin Adspend is a lot higher than FB (just food for thought…. We Can Drill Down and Directly Target B2B on FB as well)

Please feel free to Call/Text me with your Questions

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