UPDATED 9/26 Leads Campaign For


and https://ampion.net/mainesolarchoices

Objective: To drive targeted leads for more information on Community Solar for both Residential and Commercial.

Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads

Google Lead Ad Campaign

I did a lot of research and there is not a lot of history on this industry for Maine. Some of the most stable ads are:

I recommend starting with the most ad spend on Paid Social Leads for the 1st month before moving into Spending more with Google Ad Words to build up the Lookalike audience to retarget and then re-target via Google Ads. I will want to monitor Google Ads very carefully over the month.

Let’s work with Both!

Will Need to keep an eye on CPC with Google.

Lead Form Pops Open

But for instance, there is not a lot of Data for Maine Community Solar, Commercial Solar, Commercial Community Solar, etc…

Please see below for a quick overview of a few case studies. There are a bunch more but to save time and get you some info on how everything works.

  • “Campaigns” are an umbrella that runs everything under it – sets budget etc.…
  • “Ad Sets” are what sets the targeting and demographic
  • “Ad Creatives” are what the user sees

My Site targetedleads365.com explains the basics of what the process consists of. There is also a realtor case study there.

I create everything the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/Videos/Images Etc.… I handle everything.

For Info On How This System Works Please Visit https://www.targetedleads365.com the video explains the basics of what the process consists of.


$1,500 – Cost For 30-day Campaign

  • $1,050 of the $1,500 is Ad Spend
  • Setup Facebook Lead System
  • Set Up Google Lead Campaign
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • 1 Campaign Creation per platform
  • 1 Ad Set
  • 10 Creatives
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting