Hi Stacy, sorry for the delay, I have been trying to help out Lee the best I can for you. I know things are really tight for him right now, so I am giving him my all. I want to see him get some high-paying clients. You know me, I will take good care of him. Of Course, Facebook raised its prices along with all the social platforms including Google. How nice of them with this economy…. Ugh…

Going through your stuff i.e., competitors and the local area. Your comp is definitely spending time and money on Social and SEO. BUT – NP I can blow them out of the water. There are 2 Styles of Campaigns.

  1. The Targeted Leads Campaigns have come a long way over this past year. Works the same as before when we ran them together, Except…. They made a bunch of changes to the Lead Forms and Targeting.
  2. The New Omni Campaign Strategy. That is Facebook’s Local Radius Mass Exposure and Awareness, it’s like a Billboard on Steroids. I saturate your Targeted Area and Deliver about 10 to 12 different ads in Rotation for the month. Potential customers will see new ads in their newsfeeds constantly and won’t get sick or blind to them.

OMNI is not so much a direct actionable campaign like the leads, but it saturates your audience, and in the Ads Copy is all of your contact info – Phone #, Text #, Link to Your Website, Facebook Messenger Inquires, etc.… You can check out a little more info here on the OMNI System https://learnmoreclickhere.com/stacy


The Exposure you get with OMNI is INCREDIBLE. It’s more of them clicking to call or sending a text etc… A little more manual for them but also cuts out the dead leads because they are taking action to speak with someone.

Recommendations –

Personally, I recommend both. Running the OMNI and then Running a Leads Campaign on top of the OMNI. That Combo is Amazing! But Everything comes down to budget. For you, I am discounting 10% off of my fee.

The Minimum for a Basic Lead Campaign is $1,300 a Month. (We used to be able to run a bare minimum of $1,000 – but due to increased cost, I had to move up in price a little.)

The Minimum for the OMNI Campaign would be $1,175.

To Run Both campaigns with your Discount would run you – Let’s round it off to $2,000 for 30 days (so over a 10% discount but its np)


Targeted Leads Delivery- $1,170 (With a 10% Discount)

OMNI – $1,057 (With a 10% Discount)