Lead Nurturing Flow – MUST Be Followed

The Sequence

  • Text
  • Call
  • Email

Leads need to be contacted AS SOON AS RECIEVED! If Not… You get the dreaded “I never filled out the form” or wont reply etc… Its because they have already went elsewhere.

(You will also get some stragglers here and there so scrubbing the leads will be needed – as the pixel keeps learning your audience, the tighter the leads will be and optimization begins – need to gather the data first.)

Most business owners fail when it comes to the most important part of their lead flow and lead nurturing. I did a survey and over 90% of my clients contact the lead only once or twice and usually by just email because they don’t want to make the call.

Just because a new lead came in does not mean they are automatically going to buy or use your service, you need to NURTURE them correctly.

Usually, I get “But, I emailed them right away but never heard back” 

Then they ask me and or complain these leads are:

  • No Good
  • Fake
  • Not interested

When in fact, the stats show leads need to be contacted at least 8 to 12 times! Can’t just send an email and hope for the best.

ALSO…. most clients give up on month 3 with FB Lead Generation and never give the Internal Tracking and Retargeting Pixel time to learn YOUR IDEAL audience.

This example uses one of the most competitive industries (Real Estate) Same system works across the board…

The Sequence

  • Text
  • Call
  • Email

I have a successful foundation crack repair client that contacts their leads until they actually tell them to STOP! They are my most successful client and have been doing it that way for the past 4 years!

  1. Call – Text – Email
  2. Call – Text – Email
  3. Call – Text – Email
  4. Call – Text – Email
  5. Call – Text – Email
  6. Call – Text – Email
  7. Call – Text – Email
  8. Call – Text – Email

When They Say NO!

(Courtesy of Pipedrive)

Calling leads and a cool podcast on a conversation to have to help overcome objections!

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