(Preliminary Proposal before we chat about your exact needs and budget)

Scope of Work for Landing… I would like to take a slightly different approach than what you are running now.

Goal: To drive targeted leads for temporary living spaces to build an email list rather than just sending click-throughs to the site, I would rather us kill 2 birds with one stone and build a targeted leads email list and send out bi-monthly or even weekly newsletters.

I have worked in this industry in the past for flexible apartments for traveling nurses, and corporate housing.

Your Ads:

We should be running ads like:

I pulled up all of your Google PPC and Your Competitions PPC Keywords:


That is just a quick screencap the list goes on and on, I have all of your campaign’s keywords and have done research on positioning versus ad spend.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google. Should be running Youtube Discovery Engagement ads. These would be straight targeted ads used for site traffic.


Set Up Facebook Leads System to capture Name/Email/Phone to great a large email list for bi-monthly or even weekly email blasts.

I know you are running Facebook traffic ads:

Would Like to Run Lead Ads ad Well. Why waste a click when we can capture their info and then redirect to the main site…


I can either give you access to your own CRM dashboard or Zap them over to your CRM.

Please see below for a quick overview of a few case studies in the real estate industry. There are a bunch more but to save time and get you some info on how everything works.

  • “Campaigns” are an umbrella that runs everything under it – sets budget etc.…
  • “Ad Sets” are what sets the targeting and demographic
  • “Ad Creatives” are what the user sees

My Site https://www.targetedleads365.com explains the basics of what the process consists of. There is also a realtor case study there.

I create everything the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/Videos/Images Etc.… I handle everything.

I clone my clients Facebook page to run separate ad campaigns and use a separate pixel (per updated privacy terms)

We should also discuss “Native Ads” as well. These ads are targeted and show up on all major sites i.e. msn, abc, usa today, cnn. fox, etc etc…

Mortgage Broker Leads

Case Study –

Real Estate Leads – 

Case Study –


$2,000 – 30 days

  • $1,500 of the 2,000 is Ad Spend
  • Setup (included)
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • Campaign Creation
  • Google Leads Targeting
  • Youtube Engagement discovery ads
  • Facebook Leads System
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

$3,500 – 30 days Aggressive

  • $2,800 of the 3,500 is Ad Spend
  • See Plan 1 (all is included from that plan, this plan ads extra ad spend)
  • Plus a Natives ads campaign.

$3,500 and up is a custom campaign and I like to have a discussion with the client to design a customized approach and fee. I have clients paying anywhere from $1,000 a month all the way up to $20k

Social Media Marketing Specialist

I specialize in driving targeted traffic, leads and sales via Social Platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, Native Ads etc…

Please feel free to Call/Text me with your Questions – 603-401-9923

Email me rick@www.targetedleads365.com