SPLIT A – Marketplace Campaign Ad Approval

“Going to Split Test After A few days to a Week Of Data Building…

(Up to $1,000 as well as Top Dollar Paid)

I will constantly be adding and changing ad creative images/videos/copy throughout the coming weeks.


As we build data more of the stats will start reporting i.e. video views, ad views, conversions, spend, etc…



I created a page to run the ads off of not to interfere with your live FB page. I always do it this way. It’s the safest and I have way more control over it with my Rep. https://business.facebook.com/Salisbury-Auto-Pays-Top-Dollar-For-Your-Junker-101038698567888/?business_id=173583560468844

Some Ad Examples (out of 10 to put in rotation):



Extra Videos that go with the Ads

Short Video Split Test:


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“Ideas On Demand”