Breast Cancer Research Donation.

I know it’s a pain. I wasn’t sure what you wanted MAPS/SEO or Facebook Charity Campaign? Or Both?

The Breakdown would be:

  • Facebook Ads for BCR – Min would $1,000 in spend Ads will go live tomorrow
  • SEO/MAPS for BCR $900 That should be done for that company but up to you, will take min 30 to 60 days to see movement – still it sux but a Necessary Evil

$210 Needs to be covered either way for the sites and forms.

I can start on both, just let me know.

So the MAPS for the Breast Cancer Research part of this business had never been set up. I was hired to handle just Cash For Cars MAPS.

I asked at that time if you wanted me to set it up and you had said NO for the Setup as well as the SEO for that business.

For the Organic Leads to work we would need to:

Create a BCR MAPS Account

Optimize it like I did for CFC

We would need a few rounds of SEO to rank for your keywords. I researched the top ten searched keywords for your area nd they are:


You are not ranking for any of your keywords needed.

This really should be done for that company because NOBODY can find if searched for.

Take about 3 rounds at $900 a month. For movement in the Rankings? It can start within the first month but typically takes 3 to 6 months. I wish we started back then.


Starts within Days, rather than 30 to 90 days (but that really should be done too man) but… 

Researching this I know you want to save money and go dormant but you will lose all your data and have to start from scratch.

For Charity Leads it is still the same budget or slightly more because these people are more high quality rather than just people with junkers. The junker people pro dont even jobs in this day and time!!!

These people are looking for a tax deduction, whereas the others are looking for fast cash.

Recommended ad spend is still going to be at bare MIN $1,000 a month – at the lowest. I can only work with what I am given. The budget should average $45 to $55 a day. That comes out to be about $1,500

I realize you don’t want to go up…

We have the 2 sites we need to maintain, host, etc… the CFC and the BCR site and they both have forms that need to be paid for.

$210 a month for both.

I recommend increasing your budget but I know you don’t want to.

$1,000 would be my minimum0