Demo For Jeff Leads Campaign Case Studies Both Realtor and Brokers

Main Goals:

Use Facebook and Instagram to drive Mortage Leads.

I use a technique called “Ad Stacking” Its when all 3 objectives work in Sync promoting each other.

  • Lead Ads
  • Traffic Ads
  • Engagement Ads

More Info Below – Helped Steph Sell a Million Dollar Home


Some Sample Ads


1st Step:

  • Research Main Demographics
  • Create Campaigns for Leads, and Traffic for people looking to buy a home.
Quick Overview –
  • “Campaigns” are an umbrella that runs everything under it – sets budget etc.…
  • “Ad Sets” are what sets the targeting and demographic
  • “Ad Creatives” are what the user sees
Track Conversion Actions –

Whether you want Targeted Leads, Page visits, etc… you can optimize and track conversions by placing a conversion pixel on your site (as well as the internal Facebook campaign pixel) and then adding it to a Facebook/Instagram ad. This is a simple and effective way to know exactly which ads are converting the most in Lead Gen and Traffic.

The Facebook/Instagram website conversion objective helps you optimize ROI by the A.I. learning your best audiences.

The Engagement Objective

The engagement objective is designed to get more people to see, share and engage with your Facebook/Instagram Ad. With engagement as your objective, you can create ads that:

  • (Ad Engagement)
  • (Ad Likes)
  • Insert Website and Phone in Body of the Creative

What platforms support the engagement objective?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network

Which ad formats can I choose from in the engagement objective?

  • Image
  • Video

I create everything, the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/ Videos/ Images/ Page Buildouts Etc.… All I need is the email addresses you want the leads sent to. (will send ads for approval)

Leads Start as Soon as 48 Hours.

Its a very easy process:

  • I would like to drill down your target demo. (the more we target correctly, the better the impressions, as well as it lowers the CPC)
  • The info i.e. Name/Number/Email/Zip Etc… gets sent to any dept you’d like.
  • For Lead Ad Campaigns, Leads are Redirected to Main Site after capturing the lead – 2 birds 1 stone
  • All ads are pixeled for LOOKALIKE audiences as well as RETARGETING
  • Constantly changing ad copy and creatives i.e. slide shows/videos/images/Carousel ads etc…
  • Can instantly ZAP Info/Leads to any CRM
  • Email Campaigns (Newsletter) Bi-Monthly to people that have sent in a lead for more info and have not taken action
  • Benchmark best-performing ads and add new creatives throughout the week. (A/B Split Testing)
  • Top of mind branding ad campaign (pixeled)

My Recommendations:


Small Campaign (limited ad spend) $1,200 – 30 days

  • Setup (included)
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • 1 Campaign Creation
  • 2 Ad Set
  • Up to 6 Ad Creatives
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


More Reach and Impressions as well as bookings and leads

$2,400 – 30 days

  • Setup (included)
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • Campaign Creation
  • 3 Ad Sets
  • Up to 15 Ad Creatives Image/Video
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


Double The Reach, Impressions, Traffic, Book Now, Learn More Campaigns – $4,200 – 30 days

  • Setup (included)
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • Unlimited Campaign Creation
  • Unlimited Ad Sets
  • Unlimited Ad Creatives Image/Video
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

$4,200 and up is a custom campaign and I like to have a discussion with the client to design a customized approach and fee. Clients are paying anywhere from $1,000 a month all the way up to $20k