Recommended Campaigns and Spend – MY FEES plus Ad Spend

*** Please Note: Anything for Employment Ads On ANY PLATFORM are almost 2x’s What You Would Pay For a Parts Lead ***

I can’t do anything about that. And Ad Spend is What Gets Results…

Main Campaigns -Call Center Sales People. 1200 Knowles St – Located In Royal Oaks City.

Running the Campaigns Differently Moving FWD-

  • 90% of the leads show Mobile Views over Desktop as of 2023.
  • What I am doing now is Assigning a Local Number for Each Campaign so I can Track the Calls For Leads
  • The Calls are Seamlessly sent to Any Number You Want and I get Notified.
  • The Assigned Number Also Allows Text Messaging (A huge Game Changer) To Be Sent to You. 85% Prefer to Send a Text first rather than call.
  • I am also incorporating Messenger Lead Objectives so people have to engage in a chat on FB and we get the lead
  • I now Set Up a Form On a Lead Page and Track Leads there Via a Traffic Campaign that Piggybacks the Main Campaign.
  • Simen, Brother….. LOL – Let me Manage Your FB account – The Last Post Was in July! All Your Competitors are Posting Dailing and gaining Followers, Subscribers, Shares, and Likes! You Def Need an EngageMent campaign badly!!! I can’t tell what a difference it will make in Phone Calls!

I don’t want to handcuff us on adspend the requirements are going to be for the Employment campaign for 1200 Knowles St.

If I lowball the ad spend we will screw the campaign and just tread water. The cost of Lead Ads For Employment is more costly.


30-Day Lead Campaign

Researched area and ad spend for this location, My Recommendations:

  • For Adspend $1,500 – Breaks down to $50 a day –
      • This minimum Daily Recomendations Other Local Companies are Paying $65 to $85 a Day.
  • My Fee’s $350
  • I will Create the Copy and Image/Video Slideshow Ads

This comes out to $1,850


call/text – 603-401-9923