Summary – The average FB Cost Per Lead for Commercial comes out to $16.18 – Residential cost per lead comes out to an average of $5.95

All platforms charge per day for each campaign for IMPRESSIONS and REACH, Averages out to $550 to run 3 campaigns.

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Engagement Ads

I really think you should sign them up, people are lazy LOL… I can even make a Secured Portal where they can scan or take a picture with their phone and upload their Electric Bill directly to you. We should add and creative that says “Just take a snapshot of your Electric Bill and We’ll Sign you up”

Linkedin Ads are more expensive BUT much better Quality. So with a $1,000 adspend, you won’t get as many leads as you did with Facebook but the leads will be higher quality and for B2B is the way to go…


  • Linkedin Image Ads
  • Linkedin Video Ads
  • Linkedin Text Ads
  • Facebook Image Ads – Small spend (about $2 to $3 a day to keep Pixel Data we acquired)
  • Facebook Video ADs (about $2 to $3 a day to keep Pixel Data we acquired)
  • Instagram will run the same ads as Facebook

Targeting –

I will target all Major Players and Decision Makers – Some CEO’s, but they typically don’t respond so I like to Target Senior CFO’s for Large Companies to start off and track performance.

Right now our Maines Reach for Linkedin ads for your Business is around 80,900 for Big Players I might expand or tighten up depending on my optimization.

Set Up a Separate Linkedin Campaign Page

I do this because I have full control over adspend and creatives and not to affect your business Account.

Linkedin Lead and Traffic Ads –

For Direct Targeted Lead Ads as we as Traffic ads.

Example Of My Linkedin Backend

There is a Character limit with Linkedin ads so we have limited room unlike FB so I will get creative on both the Text as well as the Image and Video Ads.

Linkedin Ad Placements

Here is a Sample Video Ad I am currently running.

Video That plays in the above video ad – JUST FOR DEMO PURPOSES…


Just Some Other Demo Ads I am Running… 3rd Party Adobe Sales


I will do weekly email campaigns to all leads to remind them to follow up 🙂

The Lowest I Can Offer You…

With Linkedin Ads being about 2x’s the FB adspend I can set you up for $1,750 –

$1,150 Will be for adspend the rest is for my labor/setup/creatives/optimization etc…


Please feel free to Call/Text me with your Questions – 603-401-9923

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