• Covering the OMNI Plan
  • And Direct Targeted Leads Campaign

I thought I would just use a few demos’s from J.C.’s and a Few Other campaigns for examples. I never lockin anyone into a contract, this campaign is month to month.  I do recommend a minimum of three months, but that is always your call.

Direct Targeted Leads Campaign run Via the Facebook MarketPlace

Please see below for a quick overview of a NEATR case study. There are a bunch more but to save you time and to get you some quick info on how we worked everything see below.

I create everything, the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/Videos/Images/Page Buildouts Etc.… All I need is the email addresses you want the leads sent to.

NEATR (New England Auto Truck Recyclers)

Capture Targeted Lead

Sent To Any Email

Some Quick Ad Sample

The info i.e. Name/Number/Email/Make/Model/Parts Needed gets sent to any dept you’d like.

NEATR took the direct LIVE leads and called, emailed, and emailed them with a quote.

These are LIVE targeted leads requesting the availability on parts. (not cold calling) Plus we ran direct targeted traffic ads that were getting on average 1500 Unique Clicks a day. Also took the leads and sent a bi-monthly email blast that had an average of a 38.6% open rate!


  1. Basic Reach for Facebook MarketPlace $3,300 – 30 days
  • Ad Account Setup
  • Costs Include all Ad Spend (65% will go to ad spend – 35% will cover my labor)
  • Research Niche/Target Demo etc…
  • I Create All Ad Creatives
  • Traffic Campaign
  • Branding Campaign
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Full Monthly Reporting on Performance

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.