Per Your Email:

  • Create Social Media Posts that build brand awareness and drive traffic to
    • This would be a big part of the OMNI Plan – I will create posts through the Back End of Facebook with Engagement Ads for Direct Traffic as we as Brand Awareness Nationwide
  • We have set up a special email address unique for your campaign.
    • Perfect

  • I can also get you a unique phone number, but the goal is electronic ordering and building the brand.
    • Correct and that is Part of OMNI

  • We will need to define what success looks like for this, as it’s a little trickier than just looking at sales dollars.  Google Analytics?
    • I will install a Special Pixel for these campaigns on your site’s pages so we can track:
      • Traffic
      • Time Spent
      • Pages Viewed
      • From What Ad
      • Etc,,,,
  • For Facebook, we are wondering about message management.
    • Would someone monitor this chat in real time? Because I can run the Targeted Lead Ads With a Message Me Objective
  • We currently use eDesk for some of our messaging from other platforms, we may be able to integrate Facebook?  Not sure…do you have any ideas?
    • I can zap all the leads into eDesk or you can use the CRM you get with me.
  • Focus on driving leads to our car buying team.  “we buy cars”
    • I have run a ton of these campaigns inside the Facebook Market Place and they do great for leads on junk vehicles.
  • I also really think what will be amazing for sales is a Targeted dedicated campaign for a used part
  • I have run a ton of these campaigns inside the Facebook Market Place As well.

Updated Recommendations:

  • Covering the OMNI Plan
  • And Direct Targeted Leads Campaign

Hey Jeff, great chat when you kick out that NDA I will sign and send it right back.  I know we can kill this. The OMNI is a completely New System for Mass Exposure. I thought I would just use a few demos’s from J.C.’s and a Few Other campaigns for examples.

OMNI for Branding/Engagement/Traffic/Top of Mind on a NATIONAL Level

Please Remember These are JUST My Recommendations for Past Campaigns – It really all comes down to what you want to use for ad spend – We can add to the budget, decrease the Budget etc.. You guys are in control.

I put this together really quick for you with a few Budget Options. This is for a National campaign so the ad spend will be a little higher than say my Local Roofer as we are covering the USA.

I never lockin anyone into a contract, this campaign is month to month.  I do recommend a minimum of three months, but that is always your call.

These campaigns will run in the FB Marketplace as well.

With the correct National Targeting, The Omnipresent Campaign is a longer strategy for your Facebook/Instagram campaign designed to get your ads in front of your targeted audience more often and develops a relationship between your business and your ideal customers.

With Omni –Facebook/Instagram campaigns

They will know who you are and the services you provide. The audience sees different ads every day to avoid ad blindness.

I Create 10 different ad sets and give each one a frequency cap of one impression every five days. We want an ad of yours to be shown to your audience twice a day every day and we want to make sure that your audience is shown different ads each time so that they don’t get bored of them.

That’s what this campaign structure is allowing me to do, Create 5 Separate Ad Campaigns, 5 ad sets, and 10 ads for each ad set, and each one can only be shown to your audience once every five days which means your audience should see two different ads each day on a five-day rolling site.

With an omnipresent content campaign, you want your ads to tick a number of boxes and achieve different things there are four categories of ads you need to create Traffic ads, Branding ads, Engagement ads, and Top of Mind ads.

  1. Branding Ads Campaign, this campaign will deliver ads that I create detailing your business and what you guys do etc…
  2. The Reach Ads (also known as Top Of Mind) will deliver the posts to your targeted audience that I create 2 times a week on your Facebook page.
  3. Direct Targeted Traffic To Website
  4. Engagement Ads Campaign will allow your audience to Like, Comment, Share, and Follow Your ads, posts, and your main FB/IG page.

Just so you can get an idea of a few Ad Examples


My Wifes Does Voice-Overs (If ever interested)

The omnipresent content campaign is for not generating results overnight, it’s designed to develop a relationship between you and your prospects, that process takes time, the longer you run an omnipresent content campaign the better your results will be.

Direct Targeted Leads Campaign run Via the Facebook MarketPlace

Please see below for a quick overview of a NEATR case study. There are a bunch more but to save you time and to get you some quick info on how we worked everything see below.

I create everything, the client does not have to lift a finger… Creatives/Videos/Images/Page Buildouts Etc.… All I need is the email addresses you want the leads sent to.

NEATR (New England Auto Truck Recyclers)

Capture Targeted Lead

Sent To Any Email

Some Quick Ad Sample

The info i.e. Name/Number/Email/Make/Model/Parts Needed gets sent to any dept you’d like.

NEATR took the direct LIVE leads and called, emailed, and emailed them with a quote.

These are LIVE targeted leads requesting availability on parts. (not cold calling) Plus we ran direct targeted traffic ads that were getting on average 1500 Unique Clicks a day. Also took the leads and sent a bi-monthly email blast that had an average of a 38.6% open rate!

Some Addition Info To Help Explain the System


  1. Basic Reach Omnipresent Content Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $2,300 – 30 days
  • Ad Account Setup
  • Costs Include all Ad Spend (65% will go to ad spend – 35% will cover my labor)
  • Research Niche/Target Demo etc…
  • Omni Campaign Creation
  • I Create All Ad Creatives
  • Traffic Campaign
  • Branding Campaign
  • Reach (Top Of Mind) Campaign
  • Engagement Campaign
  • These campaigns will run in the FB Marketplace as well.
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Full Monthly Reporting on Performance

2. > Increased Reach Omnipresent Content Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $3,950 – 30 days

3. >> UNLIMITED Reach Omnipresent Content Campaign for Facebook and Instagram $5,100 – 30 days

National Direct Targeted Leads For Used Auto Parts

Smallest Recommended $2,500 – 30 days – I would recommend more but that is completely up to you.

For example J.C. Was Paying $6k a Month because the more ad spend the more reach which results in more leads

  • $1850 of the 2,000 is Ad Spend
  • Setup (included)
  • National Targeting
  • Connect Lead/Sale Delivery System
  • Research Niche/Target Demo
  • Campaign Creation
  • Unlimited Ad Sets
  • Creatives Image/Video
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

I can Package Both For $4,100

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.