Stats For BDR Auto Repair

Hi Chrissy, hope you guys are having a great summer… This summer blew by, I mean I know it’s not over, but it’s been so horrible with the weather that it just didn’t feel like summer.

But I have your stats here, the adspend is exhausted as of now.  I try to time it out to end exactly on time but some days are higher and some days lower, so I try to get as close as I can.

The Traffic to your APT Page did great. And the OMNI Awareness Campaign did amazing. Your local Reach and Impressions were great. Plus, the Shares, and Likes the ads got.

You will see below I laid out the report for you as well as the adspend usage. I average around $375 a month for my rate and the rest is all adspend.

I would love to keep this going and maybe start changing it up for the Fall because we would run into the middle of September.

I also have a brand-new service called SBO (Search Box Optimization), not SEO. I researched and you are Ranking for a lot of the Rust Keywords and not General Repair Terms.

SEO takes forever to get Ranking to improve, and Google is in a Panic because of Bing’s New search, so they changed their Algorithm to try to compete and every local business’s SEO got whacked out and all the Big Authority sites were put in place of them.

I can have you owning the entire results page on Google and Bing with none of your Competition using SBO for your top Repair Terms – Please check out the video below.

I really hope we can continue to work together and thank you for this opportunity!


Stats From June 15th to Aug 15th

Best Performing Ads

Best Performing Reel

Search Box Optimization (SBO)
Quick Overview

Just a Quick Example

A Few Bing/MSN SBO Results

Both Google and Bing Are Needed For This Style Campaign. MSN’s Bing is Grow Fast In Popularity and Google is using them as a Citation to Rank in their search. Bing will index first and then Google will follow with time.